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SINCE 1983

Norman Miller Foundation Member

Club Founder 1983

Life Member

Vice President 2010

Norm Miller has played an amazing part in the history of Manunda Hawks Football Club.

In 1983 Norm along with Lou Iordanis, Geoff Burke, Gary Stevens  and Lewis Collier  held the first meeting to initiate the forming of a football club at the Corner Store (Norm was the owner of this business in 1983) at the corners of Hoare and English Streets, Manunda. The meeting decided to persue the concept and at a subsequent meeting late in 1983 along with Burke, Iordanis and Collier a Football Club was initially born.

The team name originated from the fact we were meeting in Manunda and the Hawks came from the fact that both Norm and Lewis were both fanatical Hawthorn supporters in 1983. As Norm still is today. (Lewis’ heritage came to the fore when the Eagles were included in the AFL)


Having been established in 1983, the Manunda Hawks is a renowned Australian Football club with a rich history and a great vision for the future. We are also proud to have Cairns Hawks Juniors which was established in 1987 and the Manunda Hawks Women’s AFL Club which was started in 2003. As a family-friendly club, Manunda Hawks believes in inclusivity and welcomes everyone from newcomers to seasoned players.

We are proud to call Cazaly’s Oval home, with futuristic facilities making it one of the best training and playing grounds in the country. And ooh, the incredible sunsets are to die for. The Hawks spirit, which is engraved in each and every person, is all about enjoying footy, having fun, and being part of a great culture. We also strongly support all players to reach their full potential.

Throughout the years, Manunda Hawks have proudly produced exceptional talents who have gone on to grace the AFL & AFLW. Through our Juniors, Women’s, and Senior teams we have seen great talents emerge and we continue to cultivate a winning culture for the next generation.

Fancy a chance at this great club? Get in touch with us via phone, email, messenger, or drop in during training. Start your journey with us, and we will help you achieve your dreams!

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